Picture an average closet. You walk into a small dark room and fumble for a switch or string to turn on one lonely light. Even with the door flung wide open to let in as much light as possible, sometimes you can’t see what you have hiding in the shadowy corners, and you might even get to work only to discover that you grabbed the wrong navy pants for your navy jacket.

Ladies, have you ever worn a black shoe with a blue shoe to work?

Gentlemen, have you ever gotten to the office only to discover your suit jacket doesn’t quite match your pants?

Most closets need better lighting, but more importantly, they need light in the right places.

Recently, we have seen lighted closet rods solve this problem simply and elegantly by creating light beneath the rod where you need to see the most. They are relatively easy to install, requiring only a short run for a new outlet if you don’t already have one, and they introduce light where you need it most without having to make space for bulky light fixtures.

With more light, your closet becomes more uplifting and less psychologically daunting. Lighted rods are a great way to upgrade your closet space and your life—Almost every day begins with a trip to your closet.

You could also introduce even more light by lining cabinets and drawers with LED strips, and you can place puck lights in other key places as well.

The best part? These upgrades are affordable. You don’t have to do a full renovation to improve your closet experience. Simply getting more light is a big step up!

Call us to see how we might be able to shed some light on your dream closet!