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Get Organized Month! standard

Getting Organized is one of the top three New Year’s Resolutions every year.  Now that we are a month into the New Year, motivation may be starting to fade. The best thing you can do to keep energized is to add a big dose of accountability! There’s an app for that… It is true.  If you are a smart phone user, there are apps for everything from tracking exercise and adding up calories, to tracking mileage and even an app for posting daily gratitude journal entries. Receiving automated nudges from a tool that is almost always by your side is a powerful way to stay on track.  Below are some of my personal app suggestions. Go Public with Social Media ...

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Holiday Stress: Worth It or Not? standard

Traditions change. Yes, it’s an oxymoron, but it’s true. If you think about it, year by year new traditions and expectations are added to our holiday celebrations. Relaxation and joy are sometimes replaced with guilt and stress while we try to keep up. Awareness is the first step to making a change. If you want to make a change start by thinking about the details of your traditions and ask yourself these questions: Think back on how many family traditions got started. Think about the “why” behind each tradition. Is the tradition aligned with your family values? Is it something you “should” do or something you “want” to do? Try to think about the joy/stress ratio for each tradition and ...

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Holiday Meal Planning Timeline standard

We are busy every day, so adding holiday food prep to the usual mix can really be overwhelming. When time is tight, quality suffers and then we make poor choices and get poor results. This year, plan early and make better choices by following this little guide. TWO WEEKS AHEAD: Confirm your guest list. Confirm any rentals or special arrangements. Finalize the menu and try to incorporate lots of make ahead items. Delegate cooking projects to guests. Order the turkey if its fresh (1lb/person). Compose final shopping list. ONE WEEK AHEAD Buy hardy veggies and squash and heavy cream early. Launder and press linens. THREE DAYS AHEAD: Thaw the bird in the fridge. Think about the table setting and furniture ...

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Back to School: Organizing the Paper – Part Two standard

PART TWO: THIS YEAR’S PAPERS… Let me start by saying I would like to pass legislation stating anything that comes home from school and needs my attention should be allowed to be returned to school the next day. It is usually the active papers that are the problem and having a guideline on what is active, what is reference and what is archive is crucial. Getting clarity on this from teachers and students will make all the difference. You will be able to have a streamlined system and you can help your child with this skill. Many times kids are paralyzed with paper too and tend to carry everything in oversized backpacks and overstuffed desks and lockers because they don’t ...

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Back to School: Organizing the Paper – Part One standard

Are you shuddering to think about those back to school papers? Is your child’s back pack from last year sitting exactly where they put it on the last day of school? If so, you need make a plan for handling the deluge of paper that is about to start flowing into your home again. Here are some ideas on how to get ready for the upcoming school year. PART ONE: LAST YEAR’S PAPERS…. What to keep: Report cards and official documents Of course you need to keep report cards and official documents from school and they should be filed with your family documents for easy retrieval. Academic paperwork Keep things that show development. When you look at everything and notice ...

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Welcome To 2012! standard

What is going to make 2012 different? We are always striving to be faster, stronger and bigger, but what does that really look like. One of the most popular resolutions is to get organized and that doesn’t always translate into MORE. Efficiency is a great goal but prioritizing might be a better one. Knowing what is important in your time and stuff will make every day seem easier. That is a gift that only you can give yourself. So, how do you get there? What do you let go of? Here are three strategies that may help you. Top 10 List What are the all the things you are involved in? What are your roles? List them all; pick the ...

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