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Procrastination Motivation standard

Do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed with tasks? So much so that you end up putting things off until later? Well, just know that’s normal. Here are some tips on how to overcome those obstacles and move forward without letting the hard tasks bog you down. Procrastination Statistic “Based on some figures, it is estimated that as much as 95 % of the people are prone to procrastination. Amongst them, 20 % of them are…” Read More… Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for all of our up to date tips and tricks too!

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Would you rather have a clean closet or have sex? standard

It’s Valentine’s day and we thought we would share this quote from a recent article in Writer Denise Butchko states, “A recent poll featured on The Nate Berkus Show said that when people were asked which they like more – cleaning their closet or having sex – 31% said they preferred cleaning their closet.” My reaction? WOW! I guess I’m in the right business! As an organizer and closet designer I see the “happiness” a clutter free space can bring clients. I am often surprised at the way clients work very hard for several hours while we are there and seem to always have more energy at the end of a session then when they started. But I have ...

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Men Buy – Women Shop standard

Have you ever considered the differences between men and women and their shopping habits? Or have you ever thought about how you acquire things in comparison how your husband, boy friend or father might? Well we are about to give you a little insight into how men and women shop in hopes that it helps you understand the differences between how Men Buy and Women Shop.                     When shopping, women are more social and emotional about it their shopping trips. They circle around the experience with things like spraying perfume, trying items on, learning about the item, and engaging with the sales associate. On the other hand, men are on a ...

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Catch Leslie LIVE Monday, December 5th on Pittsburgh Today Live standard

Reminder! Our very own Leslie McKee will be featured during Pittsburgh Today Live with Kristine Sorensen Monday, December 5th between 9 -10am. Leslie will be discussing over-shopping as it pertains to the holiday, how it effects you daily, and how to deal with it. Look for tips on how to identify over-shopping habits and watch for information about how to gain control of your shopping habits.   WHY IS OVER-SHOPPING A PROBLEM? Our economic growth is dependent upon selling goods to people whose needs are already met! Studies show that the more we acquire after our basic needs are met, the less fulfilling those acquisitions are. Therefore the tendency is to buy more to get the same feeling. Studies show that the more someone believes material things ...

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When BEING RIGHT Hurts standard

Sometimes being right does not add up to great results. Sometimes we get stuck doing things a certain way because at some point it seemed like the “right” way. As life changes our systems need to as well. Sometimes we get stuck in our old habits and don’t recognize that they are too complicated for our current life demands. If clipping news articles and sending them to friends seemed like a good idea years ago and now you are overwhelmed with papers and clipping it may be time to look at a new way to achieve that goal of sending info to other people. If someone has been fighting with you to make you try a new system-often that makes ...

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Ways to REDUCE Email! standard

The average projected number of corporate emails sent and received per person, per day: 142 in 2007, 156 in 2008, 177 in 2009, 199 in 2010, 228 in 2011. By 2009, workers are expecting to spend 41% of their time in email management. Radicati Group, Palo Alto, 2007 How do we combat this trend? SEND LESS For every 5 emails you send, 3 will require a response! By eliminating just one email in five you can reduce your email by 12%. Since every email takes an average of two minutes to process, this one tip can save you hours if not days! USE THE SUBJECT LINE-EOM! Use descriptive subject lines even in a chain of emails. Use EOM for End ...

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