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It’s Easy Being Green – AND Organized! standard

As a professional organizer, I use the word simplify in my daily vocabulary. We’ve all heard the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle”. But what not everyone recognizes is that ‘simplify’ is just a more palatable synonym for ‘reduce’. I’m, quite frankly, in the business of reducing.  It’s no mistake that ‘reduce’ comes first in the mantra. Our culture often obsesses about the end game, but recycling is actually the last step. The goal is to acquire less, creatively reuse what makes sense and recycle what you can. The good news is there are many resources locally and nationally to help!   Reduce Shop with the idea of ENOUGH in mind.  When you know what ‘enough’ is, your inventory of possessions stays ...

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Keeping it Green: Halloween Costumes standard

What was your most favorite Halloween costume you ever wore? Was it one you bought or one you put together creatively? Sometimes the best memories are made when you just make do because the pressure is off and it’s time to have fun. Often when your creativity shines through, the costume becomes a real show stopper and the added bonus is no one will have the the same one as you! The most eco-friendly suggestion is to use what you have or do a “costume swap”. You can organize this with friends, neighbors, or even schools. There is even a National Costume Swap day on October 13th and a website, that facilitates setting up your own swap. Also be ...

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Do You Have the Oldest Refrigerator in PA? standard

I am always looking for fun new ways to get rid of “stuff” and when I opened my Duquense Light bill today I found this fun challenge!  Just go to and schedule a pick up of any refrigerator and its FREE!  You will receive a $35.00 check, save an average of $150.00 a year and if your refrigerator is the oldest one they collect you could win $1000.00 dollars! Sounds like a win-win-win to me. The icing on this cake is that Duquense Light has partnered with JACO Environmental and they recycle 95% of the components of your old refrigerator in an environmentally friendly way. I do have an old refrigerator and have been considering the practicality of that ...

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Garage Sale Advice standard

Welcome to May! With May comes many things, but one in particular is Garage sales! I was asked to talk to the crew from the KDKA Radio morning show early this morning about garage sales and I wanted to share a few more tips with you here. Whether you’re shopping or selling, here are a few things to help you along the way. If you are looking for sales in your neighborhood good places to start are The Pittsburgh Post Gazette classifieds, the Pennysaver newspaper, and Craigslist. You can also search sites such as Oodle, which syndicates its garage sale listings with a handful of other social networking websites and newspapers, as well as Garage Sales Tracker’s Pittsburgh area garage sales section. If you are ...

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Reusing Your Homework standard

As the school year comes to an end you are probably as eager as I to start the summer and get rid of all of your old school work. It is the familiar mentality of “I never want to see this again!” and there is definitely a feel of satisfaction that comes from dunking your binder into the nearest trashcan. However, this year, think about taking a little extra time and going through those old notes. I do this every year and find at least 200 pieces of paper that are only one-sided and aren’t ready for a fate in the dumpster, they belong in your printer as scrap paper! You might be thinking that this seems like a tedious ...

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