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Do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed with tasks? So much so that you end up putting things off until later? Well, just know that’s normal. Here are some tips on how to overcome those obstacles and move forward without letting the hard tasks bog you down. Procrastination Statistic “Based on some figures, it is estimated that as much as 95 % of the people are prone to procrastination. Amongst them, 20 % of them are…” Read More… Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for all of our up to date tips and tricks too!

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If you are trying to change any habit-set your self up for success by taking less on during that time.  We have been focusing on lateness and procrastination lately but this can help with any behavior change from smoking to getting exercise!  Reducing stress at that time increases your will power to succeed.  Stress often makes you resort to those old ways of dealing with things instead of trying new ways.  So clear the decks and plan successful change by giving yourself a little break to do so.

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Procrastination Statistic standard

Based on some figures, it is estimated that as much as 95 % of the people are prone to procrastination. Amongst them, 20 % of them are chronic procrastinators. These people have an increasing chance of losing their jobs, have financial problems and have serious problems with their relationship with others. If you are that 20% it is time to explore some reasons why you are procrastination and how to over come it. A daily to do list with time slots is one of the best ways to combat procrastination. Brain dump a list of things you need to do and then prioritize them. Atfer that apply the THREE D’s! DELEGATEBreak the task down and see if you can get ...

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