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Murphy Beds: Double the Use of a Guest Room image

With the holidays approaching and family and friends coming to visit, many of us suddenly find ourselves scrambling to find space and bedding for out-of-town guests. Having a spare room is convenient for times like these, but rather than having a room that’s really only used when you have overnight guests, you can hide a bed in any room and instantly double its usefulness. Murphy beds are a space-efficient solution for anyone who wants an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to turn any room into a guest room. They fold out from the wall (either lengthwise or widthwise) when needed, and when they’re not in use, they fold right back up to be easily disguised as stylish cabinets or closets. Gone ...

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Thinking Beyond the Closet image

Ever thought about these other areas of your home that could benefit from a customized organization system? Organization is not just about closets behind closed doors. The goal is to maintain organization throughout your entire home and, subsequently, in your everyday life. Here are some areas that you might have overlooked: Craft Room - Create an organized home for sewing materials, art supplies, and other crafts with durable cabinets, adjustable shelving towers, drawer organizers, and sturdy work surfaces. Wall Bed - A wall bed or desk bed is a great way to convert multi-use spaces without having to rearrange furniture. The transition from bed to desk is smooth and doesn’t disturb bedding or stationary items on display. Entertainment Area - Keep your family room ...

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The Ideal Seasonal Garage, Tips and Tricks image

Your garage should be the hardest working space in your home, but our garages often become the last stop for hundreds of items, and many of those items come from “decluttering” projects elsewhere in the home. Before we organize any space in the home, we first discuss the concept of active/reference/archive. If you follow our blog regularly, you have probably heard these terms before. If not, here is a brief overview:Active items are the ones you need to access quickly and frequently. Example: Your insurance bill.Reference items are the ones you may need to access quickly, but not nearly as often as your active items. Example: Your car insurance policy.Archive items are the ones that are important but may not be access for ...

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Accessorize Your Closet image

We hope you are loving your new home organization system! Did you know we offer accessories that could make staying organized even easier? Here are some ideas that our clients love: Hooks Fill an empty patch of wall with a few hooks to hang bags, scarves, or jewelry. Racks These are a great way to keep your belts and neckties organized, visible, and easily accessible. Rods Valet rods help keep you one step ahead by providing a way to pre-arrange outfits for travel or work the next day. Pull Outs Ironing boards and hampers tuck easily into your closet system so they don’t take up valuable real estate in the space and are invisible when put away.Please click here to see all of our available accessories. We would love ...

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How to De-Clutter Your Closet image

A closet can easily become a dumping ground for things we don’t use and don’t need. The items we use most often come to the front while everything else gets pushed farther and farther back. Eventually, your closet space is overwhelmed, and it becomes harder and harder to use. If your closets feel like work, it’s time to de-clutter. Most clients have tried some form of de-cluttering but found it frustrating. If you take one item out at a time and try to decide if you should keep it or not, chances are you will quickly give up. If you want a process that works, use ours: Take everything completely out of your closet. When you have an empty space in front of ...

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Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Bike Storage Guide image

For organization, bicycles present a strange challenge. They are large, bulky, awkwardly shape, and often dirty. Suburban families typically get bicycles for recreation, which means they might be used infrequently enough that they end up in some forgotten corner of the garage. Urban families, on the other hand, might use bikes for daily commutes, but that means having to find a place to store them in what is likely a more compact living space. No matter where you live, you bought a bicycle because you planned to use it. Whether you use your bike daily or only on the weekends in the summer, you should resist the urge to throw it into a corner—of your entryway or your garage—and you ...

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