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Back to School: Organizing the Paper – Part Two standard

PART TWO: THIS YEAR’S PAPERS… Let me start by saying I would like to pass legislation stating anything that comes home from school and needs my attention should be allowed to be returned to school the next day. It is usually the active papers that are the problem and having a guideline on what is active, what is reference and what is archive is crucial. Getting clarity on this from teachers and students will make all the difference. You will be able to have a streamlined system and you can help your child with this skill. Many times kids are paralyzed with paper too and tend to carry everything in oversized backpacks and overstuffed desks and lockers because they don’t ...

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Back to School: Organizing the Paper – Part One standard

Are you shuddering to think about those back to school papers? Is your child’s back pack from last year sitting exactly where they put it on the last day of school? If so, you need make a plan for handling the deluge of paper that is about to start flowing into your home again. Here are some ideas on how to get ready for the upcoming school year. PART ONE: LAST YEAR’S PAPERS…. What to keep: Report cards and official documents Of course you need to keep report cards and official documents from school and they should be filed with your family documents for easy retrieval. Academic paperwork Keep things that show development. When you look at everything and notice ...

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Rules and boundries can actually be comforting for children. They are looking to parents for love, care, support and limits. They need guidelines you living and these are not innate. The trick is you have them be part of the process so that they “own it”. I often encounter families without rules and there are several negative outcomes. A lack of protection is one that you don’t often think of. Rule protect siblings from eachother. It helps insure that one child doesn’t simply over run the others by helping themselves to whatever the household resources are. The second negative effect is that there is not a sense of community with out some rules. Kids need to feel like they are ...

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It is a fresh start! Pristine new notebooks and binders, pointy new crayons, a cool lunch box, and those brand new shoes! It is like a transformation that happens every fall. All the mishaps of last year are forgotten and children are ready to meet their new teachers and new friend. Embrace this “newness” with your student! Be their support for what’s ahead without looking back on previous trouble spots. They know they exist, but NOW they are navigating new waters and need you to support this new journey! Just think about how it would feel to walk into a your job every fall to find a whole new system, a new boss and new co-workers! That’s a lot to ...

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Back to School Landmines standard

I was just considering some of the hurdles kids have to overcome every school year when it is time to go back to school. Just think how hard it would be at your job to get back into the groove every year if you switched rooms, schedules, bosses, coworkers and rules. What if you also knew that it was going to continue to get harder. Would you dread returning to work? Just think, this is what we do to kids every year! This year try to avoid those back to school landmines to set your child up for success. THE BACKPACKI is important to teach kids that backpack are not for storage! They are for active traveling paper. Teaching them ...

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