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To customize or not to customize? That is the closet question that leaves homeowners scratching their heads. The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Absolutely, yes. Most of us already know and can understand the basics of how a structured closet system can improve our everyday lives. It maximizes storage space in our home by offering features such as double hanging rods, adjustable shelves and belt racks for increased wardrobe storage. It protects our shoes and purses by giving them a shelf to sit on rather than a pile to get crushed in. It keeps clutter in other rooms of the house to a minimum by defining a space for all items. A neat and organized home with closet systems ...

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5 Unique Storage Tips for Any Home standard

Today I’m excited to have a guest post from our friends at EZ Storage. They have locations in Monroeville, Ross Township and Greentree as well as some great storage tips! No matter what type of house you have, most people share the common wish for more storage space. But you don’t need to blow your budget to make it come true. You might be surprised at the extra space you can find by simply turning a creative eye on your home. Use these suggestions for creating added home storage and maximizing the use of your space. Divide and Conquer Room dividers are the multi-taskers of home furnishings. They provide plenty of storage space while also offering design flexibility by creating ...

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Spicey Organizing standard

We often find clients who  have too much spice in there lives!  Oftentimes people want to cook more but are having trouble making time.  They over-buy in case they ever get the opportunity there will not be any barriers, they will have everything they need.  Some people identify providing with having everything they can possibly think of on hand.  It is their way of showing their love.  These people purchase spices (and other items) “just in case”. Others have inventory issues.  Either, they do not know or cannot see what they have.  This is a vicious cycle because spices tend to get lost behind other spices.  No matter what the root of the problem is, keeping spices in an appropriate place ...

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Organizing: Linens and China standard

Congratulations you have made it to our last segment of our holiday prep plan! The last step is to take a look at your dinning room and all of the special things that make a beautifully set table. We can begin with the china closet. First, if you have several sets what do you really love and use? Are there legacy pieces that have been passed down to you that you DON’T love but you keep because you feel it is a way to respect the person that gave them to you? Are there items that you are not using you are holding on to them for your children? If you can let go, do it! But if you don’t ...

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Organizing: Cookbooks and Recipes standard

It is one thing to organize the pantry, and cabinets and to keep the sink and counters clean, it is another to be organized about shopping and meal prep. These things go hand in hand because knowing what you have will help you get on track to making something with it! I read that most home makers have about 21 recipes that they draw on for the majority of what they prepare in the kitchen. A great first step is to write down your 21. I wrote mine on index cards and I actually asked my family members what meals they liked the most. This was actually really surprising and nice to hear. On Sunday nights I try to pull ...

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