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Would you rather have a clean closet or have sex? standard

It’s Valentine’s day and we thought we would share this quote from a recent article in Writer Denise Butchko states, “A recent poll featured on The Nate Berkus Show said that when people were asked which they like more – cleaning their closet or having sex – 31% said they preferred cleaning their closet.” My reaction? WOW! I guess I’m in the right business! As an organizer and closet designer I see the “happiness” a clutter free space can bring clients. I am often surprised at the way clients work very hard for several hours while we are there and seem to always have more energy at the end of a session then when they started. But I have ...

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A New Word standard

Yesterday I was in at a local coffee shop and a previous client walked in. The conversation that followed was too funny not to share! We exchanged “How are you’s?” then he proceeded to tell me that he has a new word in his household and it was to “McKee” something. He asked if I knew what that might mean and I quickly replied with “Well it must mean to make something really awesome right?” This is when he proceeded to tell me that when a junk drawer or nightstand drawer starts to get cluttered and messy he pulls a “McKee”. That means it’s time to dump the drawer into the middle of the floor and make decisions about the ...

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Catastrophizing standard

Getting stuck is all about perspective.  Often by the time clients call for our help they really have had several failures and their veiw of their problem is blown out of proportion.  They are seeing everything from an extreme point of view.  They are CATASROPHIZING! They have decided that I am PERFECT and will think they are terrible. They have decided that their space is the worst space I have ever seen. Sometimes they see it as impossible or hopeless They think that they or the people in their lives will be traumatized by letting go of certain items. But often what is trally happening is that i have seen spaces that are in worse shape and all I am ...

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Building on a Bad Day? standard

Yesterday I pulled out of my driveway and scraped my car against the corner of my neighbors house. This of course resulted in a srapes along three panels of my car and the corner of my neighbors house FELL OFF! My husband was in the drivway and helped me sort of re-attached some loose trim and talked to the home owner. Finally we both drove off to our appointment and I hear a THUD. I look in my rear veiw mirror only to see all of my husbands papers, drawings and measurements for a closet install scattered all over the road behind me. Apparently he had put these on the roof when he stopped to help! From there it seemed ...

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Do You Completely Lose Track of Time? standard

You are not alone! Many of us are so overwhelmed with to-do’s and commitments and distracted by multiple media streams competing for our attention that I think it is like “Self Inflicted ADD”. There are so many things competing for our attention that we lose track. The first line of defense is to slow down and unload some of the things that distract you. If this doesn’t help and you find that this is a life-long problem it is time to face it and use tools to set yourself up for success. I often recommend electronic calendars/organizers to clients who suffer with these time challenges. Having these features incorporated into a smartphone really helps. First of all, it is a ...

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Plan Some Fun! standard

Make sure to plan to do something FUN every day. Start your list or look over your week and make sure there are fun activities included. When you think about it, isn’t that what life is about! It simply works to insert MOTIVATION into your life. The easiest way to do it is to simply start your daily to do list with the word FUN and don’t write another think until you fill in something beside that word that is fun! It works! Either you will add more fun to your life, or you will notice that you are already doing fun things and give yourself a pat on the back!

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