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The Ideal Seasonal Garage, Tips and Tricks image

Your garage should be the hardest working space in your home, but our garages often become the last stop for hundreds of items, and many of those items come from “decluttering” projects elsewhere in the home. Before we organize any space in the home, we first discuss the concept of active/reference/archive. If you follow our blog regularly, you have probably heard these terms before. If not, here is a brief overview:Active items are the ones you need to access quickly and frequently. Example: Your insurance bill.Reference items are the ones you may need to access quickly, but not nearly as often as your active items. Example: Your car insurance policy.Archive items are the ones that are important but may not be access for ...

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Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Bike Storage Guide image

For organization, bicycles present a strange challenge. They are large, bulky, awkwardly shape, and often dirty. Suburban families typically get bicycles for recreation, which means they might be used infrequently enough that they end up in some forgotten corner of the garage. Urban families, on the other hand, might use bikes for daily commutes, but that means having to find a place to store them in what is likely a more compact living space. No matter where you live, you bought a bicycle because you planned to use it. Whether you use your bike daily or only on the weekends in the summer, you should resist the urge to throw it into a corner—of your entryway or your garage—and you ...

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4 Steps for Transforming Your Garage Organization image

One of the key principles in effective organization is to get as many items off of the floor as you can. When you leave items on the floor, they don’t really have their own “place,” so they have a way of accumulating over time. After a few months, the floor is a mix-matched pile of various items, and by that point you might not even remember what’s at the bottom of any given cluster. Worse yet, a crowded floor is difficult to clean, so dust and dirt builds up, adding a layer of grime to an already messy situation. Let’s be honest. It gets gross. Keeping things off of the floor is a principle that applies to every part of your ...

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5 Unique Storage Tips for Any Home standard

Today I’m excited to have a guest post from our friends at EZ Storage. They have locations in Monroeville, Ross Township and Greentree as well as some great storage tips! No matter what type of house you have, most people share the common wish for more storage space. But you don’t need to blow your budget to make it come true. You might be surprised at the extra space you can find by simply turning a creative eye on your home. Use these suggestions for creating added home storage and maximizing the use of your space. Divide and Conquer Room dividers are the multi-taskers of home furnishings. They provide plenty of storage space while also offering design flexibility by creating ...

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Garage Storage: Lofty Solutions standard

We have been getting so many calls about garages this month. The weather is getting colder and people want to put all their summer outdoor items away to keep them out of the elements. Making a garage work can be key to keeping other areas of your home uncluttered and running smoothly. After you have decided on zones for things, added shelving and hooks for frequently used items- LOOK UP! There is a gold mine of space in most garages that are underutilized. We love this Hyloft Storage product. It is affordable, easy to install and much easier than crawling up into your attic for seasonal and infrequently used items. So call us to get ideas on how to get ...

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