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Murphy Beds: Double the Use of a Guest Room image

With the holidays approaching and family and friends coming to visit, many of us suddenly find ourselves scrambling to find space and bedding for out-of-town guests. Having a spare room is convenient for times like these, but rather than having a room that’s really only used when you have overnight guests, you can hide a bed in any room and instantly double its usefulness. Murphy beds are a space-efficient solution for anyone who wants an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to turn any room into a guest room. They fold out from the wall (either lengthwise or widthwise) when needed, and when they’re not in use, they fold right back up to be easily disguised as stylish cabinets or closets. Gone ...

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Angie’s List Super Service Award standard

We did it again! I’m thrilled to announce that McKee Closet Organizing and McKee Organizing Services both won the Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting a year of great reviews from our customers. Minimum requirements for eligibility include an “A” as an overall rating. Luckily we have never gotten any review other than an “A” for either business! Only about 5% of the companies that we compete with in Pittsburgh are able to earn our Super Service Award. It’s a mark of consistently great customer service. We love our Angie’s List members and they continue to give us great reviews. Here is what some over them have said: • “Sandy was very patient and nice during the initial visit. This ...

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Ironing in 2013 standard

At the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show last week, one of the most popular aspects of our booth was the compact ironing board! You can see it this KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live segment. This was partially because it discretely folded up into a drawer and also because some of our visitors unsure what it was. This inspired me to do a little bit of research on ironing. Turns out that Less than 29.7% of Americans still iron their clothes on a regular basis. This makes sense now that most fabrics have polyester and cotton components. This blend was created to reduce the need to iron and the term ‘permanent press’ was born. This switch towards ironless fabrics was somewhat commemorated ...

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Halloween: Trick or Treat Alternatives standard

It is that time of year again where ghouls and gluttony rule. The time any vague notion of nutritional plans are thrown out the window and are replaced with pillowcases full of candy and sugar. A glint of greed glows In the eyes of otherwise mannerly children. Parents begin to actually steal from their children when their backs are turned and the lights are out and some existing behaviors exasperated by all that goo sky rocket! The alternatives? Can you bear to be the neighbor that is passing out granola bars? Would any fruit or homemade treat land in the trash in today’s suspicious world? It is a vicious cycle. It makes me ask the question, what makes Halloween fun? Is ...

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Keeping it Green: Halloween Costumes standard

What was your most favorite Halloween costume you ever wore? Was it one you bought or one you put together creatively? Sometimes the best memories are made when you just make do because the pressure is off and it’s time to have fun. Often when your creativity shines through, the costume becomes a real show stopper and the added bonus is no one will have the the same one as you! The most eco-friendly suggestion is to use what you have or do a “costume swap”. You can organize this with friends, neighbors, or even schools. There is even a National Costume Swap day on October 13th and a website, that facilitates setting up your own swap. Also be ...

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Funny Things Keep Happening standard

So remember how I mentioned yesterday that the new colors on our sites were popping up everywhere in my life? Well it has happened again! I love it when fun and funky things enter my life by chance and it just so happened that I received a necklace from my aunt for my birthday and guess what? It’s all of the same colors that are part of the the new logo and site design!!! Special thanks to Aunt Mary Lou for the necklace! It couldn’t have been a better a choice!

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