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Garage Sale Advice standard

Welcome to May! With May comes many things, but one in particular is Garage sales! I was asked to talk to the crew from the KDKA Radio morning show early this morning about garage sales and I wanted to share a few more tips with you here. Whether you’re shopping or selling, here are a few things to help you along the way. If you are looking for sales in your neighborhood good places to start are The Pittsburgh Post Gazette classifieds, the Pennysaver newspaper, and Craigslist. You can also search sites such as Oodle, which syndicates its garage sale listings with a handful of other social networking websites and newspapers, as well as Garage Sales Tracker’s Pittsburgh area garage sales section. If you are ...

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Catch Leslie LIVE Monday, December 5th on Pittsburgh Today Live standard

Reminder! Our very own Leslie McKee will be featured during Pittsburgh Today Live with Kristine Sorensen Monday, December 5th between 9 -10am. Leslie will be discussing over-shopping as it pertains to the holiday, how it effects you daily, and how to deal with it. Look for tips on how to identify over-shopping habits and watch for information about how to gain control of your shopping habits.   WHY IS OVER-SHOPPING A PROBLEM? Our economic growth is dependent upon selling goods to people whose needs are already met! Studies show that the more we acquire after our basic needs are met, the less fulfilling those acquisitions are. Therefore the tendency is to buy more to get the same feeling. Studies show that the more someone believes material things ...

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Finding & Holding a Yard Sale in the Pittsburgh area standard

It’s nice and warm outside and you went to Kennyywood last weekend and want to find something different and fun to do this weekend?  Then why not join all the other frugalities and go on a bargain hunting expedition? Shopping at a yard sale can be a great way to find items that you wouldn’t be able to locate at a typical retail store like Target and the pricing is always rock bottom. This is because there is no tax and the goods are slightly used and if they don’t get sold at the sale than they will either be junked or donated to goodwill. There are always the stories of people finding rare artwork, jewelry, & silverware at a ...

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Celebrate Commitment standard

Today is my 20th Wedding Anniversary! I am thinking about commitment and how easy life can be when you focus on what is important. To me life is about doing, not having. Thinking over the past 20 years, the best memories are about people and place and things that we did and times that we shared. Family and friends. I see clients everyday who let stuff become a barrior to letting people even enter their space and it is an honor to be with someone while they face all of that and begin to see how to open up that space. I acknowledge their journey. Twenty years is a milestone and I would like to take a minute to thank ...

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NAPO Pittsburgh Welcomes Angela Wallace standard

Today’s NAPO meeting was very informative. We hosted NAPO National Board Member Angela Wallace to give us updated information about the power that be at NAPO. Our industry is growing rapidly and I am glad that we began our business eight years ago. I am thinking of how to focus on new organizers to give them a great launch into organizing. This shortens their learning curve and helps them represent our industry well from the onset! As always I was so happy to be in that room of “like minded” wonderful people. I also got a few new resources to add to the website.

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