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Anyone who has EVER emailed me knows that they need to be brief and get to the ACTION in the first few lines or else I will MISS IT! I love bulleted emails that get right to the point! The following format that is recommended by Mike Song in the book “The Hamster Revolution”. He calls it the A-B-C format. A-for Action B-for Background C-for Close State the action you want right away,(and frankly if that is all you want, don’t hesitate to put it in the subject line with EOM*). Then give the background information and a closing with your signature. For example: Dear John, Please check out my NEW teliseminar PO PUSH at * This is a ...

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Ways to REDUCE Email! standard

The average projected number of corporate emails sent and received per person, per day: 142 in 2007, 156 in 2008, 177 in 2009, 199 in 2010, 228 in 2011. By 2009, workers are expecting to spend 41% of their time in email management. Radicati Group, Palo Alto, 2007 How do we combat this trend? SEND LESS For every 5 emails you send, 3 will require a response! By eliminating just one email in five you can reduce your email by 12%. Since every email takes an average of two minutes to process, this one tip can save you hours if not days! USE THE SUBJECT LINE-EOM! Use descriptive subject lines even in a chain of emails. Use EOM for End ...

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