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March 10 to 19, Pittsburgh Convention Center McKee Closet Organizing will have a booth at the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show, and we’d love to have you visit. Whether you’re debating your first closet project or are looking for new organizing solutions around your house, our booth can help: Our booth is our showroom so you can see and touch our materials and craftsmanship! Get creative - See our new color line and accessories and learn how they can transform your space. Ask the organizer - Talk to our professional organizing team about a solution that’s unique to your needs and your space The Home Show has over 10 acres of booths and vendors, so you can get ideas for all of your home ...

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Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Bike Storage Guide image

For organization, bicycles present a strange challenge. They are large, bulky, awkwardly shape, and often dirty. Suburban families typically get bicycles for recreation, which means they might be used infrequently enough that they end up in some forgotten corner of the garage. Urban families, on the other hand, might use bikes for daily commutes, but that means having to find a place to store them in what is likely a more compact living space. No matter where you live, you bought a bicycle because you planned to use it. Whether you use your bike daily or only on the weekends in the summer, you should resist the urge to throw it into a corner—of your entryway or your garage—and you ...

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4 Steps for Transforming Your Garage Organization image

One of the key principles in effective organization is to get as many items off of the floor as you can. When you leave items on the floor, they don’t really have their own “place,” so they have a way of accumulating over time. After a few months, the floor is a mix-matched pile of various items, and by that point you might not even remember what’s at the bottom of any given cluster. Worse yet, a crowded floor is difficult to clean, so dust and dirt builds up, adding a layer of grime to an already messy situation. Let’s be honest. It gets gross. Keeping things off of the floor is a principle that applies to every part of your ...

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To customize or not to customize? That is the closet question that leaves homeowners scratching their heads. The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Absolutely, yes. Most of us already know and can understand the basics of how a structured closet system can improve our everyday lives. It maximizes storage space in our home by offering features such as double hanging rods, adjustable shelves and belt racks for increased wardrobe storage. It protects our shoes and purses by giving them a shelf to sit on rather than a pile to get crushed in. It keeps clutter in other rooms of the house to a minimum by defining a space for all items. A neat and organized home with closet systems ...

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Is Your Summer “To-Do List” Stopping You In Your Tracks? standard

If you’re like me, the Summer to-do list can drag on and be a monkey on your back.  What really motivated me to take action was the fact that my husband was having his hip replaced and I wasn’t sure if he would be able to do the usual tasks to get our home ready for the upcoming season like painting exterior areas of our house, pulling our porch furnishings out of storage and tending to the garden. My self-imposed deadline to complete everything was “before Summer.” I love that deadline because things don’t loom in the back of your mind and haunt you. Every time I would try to relax I got this little pang of guilt saying “I should be painting ...

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