We hope you are loving your new home organization system!

Did you know we offer accessories that could make staying organized even easier?

Here are some ideas that our clients love:


Fill an empty patch of wall with a few hooks to hang bags, scarves, or jewelry.


These are a great way to keep your belts and neckties organized, visible, and easily accessible.


Valet rods help keep you one step ahead by providing a way to pre-arrange outfits for travel or work the next day.

Pull Outs

Ironing boards and hampers tuck easily into your closet system so they don’t take up valuable real estate in the space and are invisible when put away.

Please click here to see all of our available accessories. We would love to add some of these upgrades to your closet space!

If you have any special requests or unique needs, let us know. We can talk about some potential solutions!